Why pay with ADA – Cardano?

Nearly a year ago Hotel Ginebra caused a splash in the global cryptocurrency comunity when it decided and announced it would accept payment with ADA.

Many people may still have never heard of crytpcurrencies in general, let alone of ADA, which was developed in Japan by IOHK  ( https://iohk.io/ )of Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood,

THe founders of IOHK

The only name that might right a bell is Bitcoin, which is indeed the mother of all cryptocurrencies,  which has been around for quite a few years alreayd and gained lots of media coverage towards the end of 2017 when its value briefly reached 20.000 US$$$$$$$ for one bitcoin.

For those who are still not in the know, a cryptocurrency is simply put a way to send money via your computer to somebody else’s computer, any where in the world.

Now if Bitcoin is considered the first generation cryptocurrency, and Ethereum the second, efforts are on the way by IOHK and EMURGO ( https://emurgo.io/) to create the third generation cryptocurrency, namely Cardano, with ADA as it’s form of payment.

Rather then describing here what the tecnical advantages and accomplishments will be of Cardano and which solutions it will offer to a whole bunch of existing problems with cryptocurrencies in general so far, we would only like to reiterate your motivation of having chosen ADA, and not one of meanwhile more then well over a thousand competing coins.

The reason is simple.  The stated mission of Cardano is to provide new and highly advantageous financial instruments to the more then 3 billion (!!) people on our planet that are currently unbanked. And not only that. By providing it’s cutting edge blockchain tecnology it will allow for many problems to be solved (think reliable voting systems, food distribution systems, and much more)

In fact in preparation of it’s main product (main net) going live in 2019, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, has visited no less then 24, mostly developing, countries in the last year to strike partnerships at government level, from Ethiopia to South Africa, from Mongolia to Rwanda.

Cardano, the future of payment!

Cardano is well on it’s way to create a large global  comunity of people that feel passionate about bringing wealth, education and self improviment opportunities to corners of the world where this currently does not exist, and Hotel Ginebra has chosen to be part of   this movement.

If you have ever thought about wanting to do a bit more for people worldwide with fewer opportunities, and you did have not really found any projects that appealed to you, why not have a look at Cardano?  We did, and it is changing the way we see the world.