La Boqueria – Market with a million different tastes

For centuries, the Catalonian gastronomy has passed on from one generation to next. The popularity of this tradition has grown so much over the years that it has become one of the main tourist attractions of Barcelona.

It is possible to get a taste of this tradition yourself!  The best part, it is all located  in one place and just five minutes away from Hotel Ginebra!

This place is called the Boqueria Market and is located directly off the most
famous street of Barcelona ‘La Rambla’, just a ten minute walk from Hotel Ginebra.

The Boqueria Market is arguably the biggest and most authentic food market in Spain and perhaps in Europe and definitely a true cultural experience for the mouth, nose and eyes.

As soon as you step inside the market and see your first stall, you are likely to take out your wallet and say “TAKE MY MONEY NOW!” or in Spanish “¡TOMA MI DINERO AHORA!”

You will be overwhelmed by the variety and the intensity of the colours and the way the products  are presented!

Not only is this a place where you can you buy fruits and vegetables. You can also have a quick lunch here which is something the locals do often.

Originally a place where locals would come and do their cheap food shopping, La Boqueria has grown to become one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions!


Do not let us tell you all about it, come and experience the beauty of the Boqueria yourself!

-Hotel Ginebra