The Monastery of Montserrat

It is said that the success of Barcelona as a tourist destination (now the third most popular destination in Europe) is that there is always something to do and to see for everybody.

In fact, which other city in the old continent can boast high quality high-end shopping, amazing art ,  world-class architecture, one of the most important cathedrals of the world (La Sagrada Familia), a soccer team that has few equals both in Spain as well as in Europe, a city beach and amazing food??

At Hotel Ginebra we continously greet return visitors, as one visit to Barcelona is usually not enough to see and do it all.

But…that’s not all!  There are many beautiful places on the coast close to Barcelona. Travelling towards France, the Costa Brava is only one and a half hours away by car or by train, and going south the popular seaside resort of Sitges, which is famous not only because it organises a film-festival on a yearly basis, but it also provides a popular daytrip.

Yet there is one other destination close to Barcelona that possibly beats them all and relatively few people who visit the city are aware of exists: the Monastery of Montserrat.

The Monastery has recently been in the news as apparently the leaders of the indepence movement of Catalunya had met there several times in secret to organise the referendum about indepence (which was consequently declared illegal by the central government of Spain in Madrid).
Easy to understand why they choose this location as well,  as it provides with a very discrete meeting place.

To find factual information about the Monastery of Montserrat please visit the page provided by Wikipedia:

It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Montserrat from the centre of Barcelona and a you need at least two and a half hours to look around the place. You can extend your visit by several hours by going hiking around the monastery.