Puerta del Angel – Angel’s Gate

Every year, thousands of travellers come knocking at the door of the angels` at Barcelona.

“What is this door and to where does it lead?” You may ask.

The original name of Angel’s Gate is of course in Spanish ´”Puerta Del Angel”. While there is no physical door or gate, Puerta Del Angel is one of the entrance points to the “Barrio Gotico”/ the gothic part of Barcelona.

Along the way, you will find many shops and restaurants and of course many examples of the amazing architecture you can find everywhere in Barcelona.

On your way down the Puerta Del Angel, you will encounter The Barcelona Cathedral. This cathedral has been constructed in the 13th Century, and  has a rich history. Allthought not one of the most famous landmarks of Barcelona, a visit is highly recommendable.   Due to your incredible strategic advantage of booking your stay at Hotel Ginebra, Puerta Del Angel is just a two-minute walk from the hotel!


And of course…

Do not let us tell you all about it, come and find out about the beauty of Barcelona yourself!

-Hotel Ginebra