ADA CARDANO – The New Bitcoin?

  •  As mentioned in previous blog articles Hotel Ginebra has quickly become  famous in the cryptocurrency world for accepting ADA as a form of payment as the first business in the world.  That compares perhaps with being the first business that ever accepted payment by credit card in the world, so obviously we are very pleased to be the first!

For those of you who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, the most famous “coin” is called Bitcoin. Now around for nearly a decade, Bitcoin was designed to faciliate peer to peer payment without having to rely on the services of a third party middleman such as a bank or a credit card company for example.

But as much as Bitcoin was revolutionary, it was also quite rudimentary.  Meanwhile many years have passed and there are other cryptocurrencies that can do the same as Bitcoin, but do it better, faster and offer other completely new features as well.

Here at Hotel Ginebra we are always interested in new tecnologies, especially when they seem to offer new exciting scenarios in the hotel industry.

As mentioned, after due eloborate investigation we have chosen ADA as the cryptocurrency to accept payments with. So…is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The answer is yes……….and no.

Because yes, just like Bitcoin also ADA can transfer value (money) by means of an encrypted message between people without the help of a middleman.

But no, because ADA can do a lot more then just that.  It would go to far to explain all it’s features and capabilities here but if you are curious please visit, the website of the Cardano Foundation, or, the website of the company that is in charge of the tecnical development of the project and finally the Emurgo website 

We have been fortunate enough to meet up with the core team of Cardano in Lisbon recently who have explained us where the development is going.

To stay updated please visit .

One thing is for sure: there are exciting times ahead of us in the cryptocurrency industry with Cardano as one of the main players and Hotel Ginebra intends to be part of that upcoming revolution.

We hope to be able to bring you some exciting news soonabout a more improved way to pay for your stay at Hotel Ginebra with ADA.

To download the ADA Daedalus wallet (to make payments or receive payments with ADA), click here:









ADA Coin as Payment – What do you need to know??

Last week Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona announced to the global  cryptocurrency comunity that we are now acceptingthe  Cardano ADA cryptocurrency as a form of payment.  This makes Hotel Ginebra perhaps the first business in the world to do so!

So what is ADA? Ada is a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer payment.

In other words, to pay for your stay at the hotel, no middle-man is required. No Visa or American Express or PayPal , just to name a few, with their centralised way of operating.  By accepting ADA as payment, accommodations worldwide  will be able to save on  large amounts of commissions which will eventually result in better rates for you, the customer.

How does it work?  You can send  payment of the room directly from your computer to our computer, or rather from your digital wallet to our digital wallet, called Daedalus.  (easy download here: )

To be able to do so, first you need to have converted your-day-to day currency into ADA.  Although in Japan  there are already  machines where it is possible to withdraw ADA, if you do not live in Japan  you have to first buy bitcoin on a platform like Local Bitcoins . Then convert bitcoin into ADA on a crypto-currency exchange, like Bittrex.

At the moment the procedure to get started is still a bit long, but soon the entire process will become a lot more streamlined. And what would life be without interesting new challenges?!

Once you have purchased your ADA, you need to keep them in a safe place. This will be your personalised Daedalus wallet.

At the moment the download is only possible onto your pc or laptop but the Cardano team under supervision of IOHK in Hong Kong  is already working on a mobile phone application (and many other interesting new features!)

So how do you make a reservation at Hotel Ginebra by using ADA as payment? Again, we are working at optimising the whole process,  but for the moment the procedure is as follows:

Search for availability on our website

You will see a search result similar to this (click to enlarge please):

Now choose the type of room and the date, and send us an email. Include the rate of the room that you have found in your email!

In our response we will confirm the rate of the room with you, converted into ADA. Then we will block the room for you and provide you with the address of our digital wallet. This may sound complicated but it is actually very easy.

We advise you to download Daedalus and to have a look around. You will see SEND and RECEIVE buttons. With a simple click on a button, the wallet will create a digital address where you can receive ADA.  Now you can both send and receive payments with ADA!

That is it.  From the moment we block the room for you, you will have 12 hours to send us payment in ADA.   As soon as we receive payment, we will send you and email with final  confirmation of your reservation and we will then see you in Barcelona!

If you have any more questions about Hotel Ginebra or ADA coin, please send us an email to [email protected]