Payment with Ada cryptocurrency: new procedures and a Cardano discount!

Since Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona first decided to start accepting Ada (the cryptocurrency of Cardano) as payment as the first business in the world to do so, a lot of things have changed.

For example where first there was the Daedalus wallet  –, that you had to download in a longwinded process in which it had to synchronise with the Cardano blockchain, recently an easy-to-use version has seen the light called Yoroi.

Yoroi is the new emurgo wallet
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Yoroi has been developed by Emurgo ( ) , the marketing and business development branch of the Cardano project.

For extreme user convenience, Yoroi can be simply downloaded as a Google Play app. Without any more need to synchronise with the Cardano blockchain, now it is possible to download and be ready for business in a matter of minutes.

Also the all-changing and eagerly anticipated Shelley system update is nearing fast, presumably before the end of March and shortly thereafter the IOHK summit   ( )  will take place in April in Miami, Florida.

Rumour has it that here Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, the company that runs the Cardano project, might reveal an interesting new product in his keynote speech.

A Cardano debit card perhaps? We know that this has been in the planning, but then again there is so much going on in this project that it is anybody’s guess.

In any case, untill any new upgrades and even more sofisticated ways to pay with Ada will be pushed out, Hotel Ginebra has replaced the Daedalus wallet with a Yoroi wallet and we would probably recommend all users to do the same, or at the very last also have Yoroi installed as well for quick operations.

Now again a quick recap of how it all works.  You can send  payment of the reservation directly from your device to our computer, or rather from your digital wallet to our digital wallet, now Yoroi.

Easy download here: , or )


To be able to send any ADA, first you need to have converted your-day-to day currency into ADA.  Although in Japan  there are already  machines where it is possible to withdraw ADA, if you do not live in Japan  you have to first buy bitcoin on a platform like Coinbase . Then convert bitcoin into ADA on a crypto-currency exchange, like Binance.

(In the very near future it will also be possible to buy ADA directly on Coinbase, without having to go through Bitcoin.)

For more specifics on how to use the Yoroi wallet and to follow the development of the project, you can visit the Emurgo Youtube channel:

So how do you make a reservation at Hotel Ginebra by using ADA as payment? The procedure has changed since we first started, and has now beome considerably easier. In fact, now you can just make your reservation at our website like you normally would and then make payment with Ada once you arrive at the hotel, as follows:

Search for availability on our website

You will see a search result similar to this :

There will be several rates to choose from. To be able to pay with Ada you need to select the standard rate that has a 7 -day cancellation policy and that allows you to pay directly in the hotel.


Because if you intend to pay with Ada once you arrive at the hotel, you are entitled to a 12% discount on the total price!!
Once you are on the page that displays the search results, you will see a field at the top right corner of the page, that says “PROMO CODE“.

By filling in the promo code CARDANO, the system will automatically recalculate the price by discounting the total amount by 12%.

You are obviously entitled to the discount on condition that you indeed make payment with ADA upon arrival at Hotel Ginebra.  And how do you pay?? The easy way is now to simply download the Yoroi wallet on your phone. Obviously you need to be in possession of ADA, or you will not be able to transfer the payment into our account. The hotel recepcion will comunicate our wallet address upon arrival.. In case you do not have Yoroi installed on your phone, you can also use a pc that we have available at the hotel recepcion to access your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.

That’s it. Very straightforward and easy to start. If you have any questions about Yoroi or payment with Ada or anything related to the Cardano project we will be happy to help where we can or otherwise point you in the right direction.

In any case we are expecting you soon in Barcelona and hopefully book your stay at Hotel Ginebra. See you soon!

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