ADA CARDANO – The New Bitcoin?

  •  As mentioned in previous blog articles Hotel Ginebra has quickly become  famous in the cryptocurrency world for accepting ADA as a form of payment as the first business in the world.  That compares perhaps with being the first business that ever accepted payment by credit card in the world, so obviously we are very pleased to be the first!

For those of you who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, the most famous “coin” is called Bitcoin. Now around for nearly a decade, Bitcoin was designed to faciliate peer to peer payment without having to rely on the services of a third party middleman such as a bank or a credit card company for example.

But as much as Bitcoin was revolutionary, it was also quite rudimentary.  Meanwhile many years have passed and there are other cryptocurrencies that can do the same as Bitcoin, but do it better, faster and offer other completely new features as well.

Here at Hotel Ginebra we are always interested in new tecnologies, especially when they seem to offer new exciting scenarios in the hotel industry.

As mentioned, after due eloborate investigation we have chosen ADA as the cryptocurrency to accept payments with. So…is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The answer is yes……….and no.

Because yes, just like Bitcoin also ADA can transfer value (money) by means of an encrypted message between people without the help of a middleman.

But no, because ADA can do a lot more then just that.  It would go to far to explain all it’s features and capabilities here but if you are curious please visit, the website of the Cardano Foundation, or, the website of the company that is in charge of the tecnical development of the project and finally the Emurgo website 

We have been fortunate enough to meet up with the core team of Cardano in Lisbon recently who have explained us where the development is going.

To stay updated please visit .

One thing is for sure: there are exciting times ahead of us in the cryptocurrency industry with Cardano as one of the main players and Hotel Ginebra intends to be part of that upcoming revolution.

We hope to be able to bring you some exciting news soonabout a more improved way to pay for your stay at Hotel Ginebra with ADA.

To download the ADA Daedalus wallet (to make payments or receive payments with ADA), click here:









Hotel Ginebra Barcelona – Pay for your stay in ADA Cryptocurrency

NOTE: We are currently accepting reservations using Cardano ADA!
Due to the enormous success of our Cardano ADA payments announcement, some customers asked us when we’d start accepting ADA after this post was published. The answer is: right now! But, for the time being, we do not yet have a integrated Cardano ADA booking system.To book a reservation using Cardano ADA, please verify availability using our Book Now form, then click here to email us. Please include dates and the type of room found via the availability search. We will email you further instructions.

Soon our booking system will be fully integrated with Cardano ADA!


Hello from sunny Barcelona, the city with the best climate in Europe!

At Hotel Ginebra we like to keep updated on the latest trends and novelties.

What is always interesting to us and to hotels in general is not only the source of the reservation (the hotel’s own website, or OTA’s like, Expedia, Agoda and others) but also the way the reservation is processed.

This process has changed dramatically over the years and it looks as if a major new innovation is about to conquer the market space: payments in cryptocurrencies.

For those of you who have never heard of cryptocurrency, you may have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital form of transferring payments which is not issued by a central bank, but rather by a global community

For more information on the topic of cryptocurrencies please visit News,  or the Coin Telegraph, two of our favorite news sources in crypto!

Although Bitcoin functions extremely well and it’s value on the cryptocurrency exchanges keeps rising at an incredible pace – and adoption on Wall Street is around the corner – we have decided to build our new cryptocurrency payment system around another coin, namely ADA.

ADA is the end result of a larger project called Cardano which amongst others is designed to offer new payment options to the three billion people on our planet that are unbanked.

The Cardano project was conceived in Japan and is now  under development by  technological company IOHK based in Hong Kong.

The project of creating our new payment system for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the other hand has been outsourced to our in-house programmer who resides in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Hotel Ginebra is a nice example of how even a relatively small business can go global!

We expect to start testing our ADA payment-system by the end of November and launch is expected around the new year.

For any more information on this exciting new development and on ADA coin in general please leave your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.