Launch of ADA – Timeline

Our previous article was about the introduction of ADA, the third generation crypto coin, as payment for your stay in Hotel Ginebra.

Immediately we have received many inquieries and also our tweet has been re-tweeted many times, clearly showing great public interest in this initiative.

Currently the payment platform to pay with ADA (named after the brilliant   mathematician Ada Lovelace,  ( )  is under development.

We are doing our best to launch our platform some time in December 2017.  Obviously the system needs to be tested and deemed reliable and safe.

Here at Hotel Ginebra we are as enthusiastic as you are, so we promise you that the project is going ahead full speed.

We will post updates regularly and also tweet our progress.

Thank you very much for your kind interest and enthusiasm, and see you soon at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona with ADA.





現在、ADAで支払う支払いプラットフォーム(華麗な数学者、Ada Lovelace(の名前が付けられています)が開発中です。




あなたのご好意と熱意に感謝し、バルセロナのHotel GinebraですぐにADAでお会いしましょう。