Plaza Catalunya, the heart of Barcelona

Where is a better place to stay than the very heart of a city?

The heart of the city is exactly what Plaza Catalunya is to Barcelona. One of the main reasons why is because of its location.

Plaza Catalunya is not only the most important square of the city,  it is also the most central point of Barcelona!

Being located directly at Plaza Catalunya gives you the opportunity to be within reasonable distance to all of the cities attractions.

Furthermore, Plaza Catalunya gives you the opportunity to access many different transportation services (all metro lines, buses and taxis). However, many of the attractions are just walking distance away, while other attractions are a  quick direct metro journey away.

The other reason it is said that Plaza Catalunya is the heart of the city is because there is always a lively atmosphere and “the beat of the city”. All year round there are numerous events that take place exactly at Plaza Catalunya.

Even without any events, Plaza Catalunya gives you the opportunity to visit every type of store you may be interested in; from designer brand outlets in Corte Ingles to electronic hardware stores such as Apple Store and Fnac. Furthermore, restaurants can be found on every corner from HardRock Cafe to fast food resturants such as KFC and Burger King.

There is truly something for everyone. 

You can take advantage of this location too by booking your stay at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona!

We hope to see you soon.

-Hotel Ginebra