La Rambla- The Street of Variety

La Rambla is without a doubt one of the most popular streets in Barcelona. Located in the very heart of Barcelona, the lively environment is likely to pull you in along with the millions of travellers that visit every year.

Along this 1.2 kilometre walk, you will encounter many different restaurants, fashion stores, entertainment and much more…

However, here are some places we recommend our guests to visit near La Rambla:

Museum of Barcelona History

Address– Museu d`Història de Barcelona, Plaza del Rey, 08002 Barcelona

This museum is located just five minute walk from La Rambla and a 13-minute walk from the hotel.

Description– Just because you are on vacation, it does not mean you should not learn something new. This museum gives you an exciting opportunity to see how locals used to live centuries ago. The variety of exhibitions at the museum will leave you in awe and is an unforgettable experience for Mum, Dad, and the kids.

Barcelona’s Wax Museum (Museu de Cera)

Address– Passatge de la Banca, 7, 08002 Barcelona

This museum is located at the end of La Rambla and is a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

Description– The wax museum gives you the opportunity to meet and admire over 300 world known figures in the form of wax sculptures. From movie stars to famous personalities, there is someone (or thing) that every member of the family would recognise.

Picasso Museum

Address-Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona

While this museum is not directly at La Rambla, it is very near it. The museum is a 15-minute walk from the hotel and 10 minutes from La Rambla.

Description– The Picasso museum is the official showroom of Spain´s very own genius artist Pablo Picasso. This flabbergasting museum consists of over 4000 masterpieces that make up a major part in Art History.

La Boqueria

Address- La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona

Located right in the middle of La Rambla, La Boqueria is only a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Description– Why not have a taste of some of the traditional Catalan Cuisine at La Bouqueria? As we discussed previously, the Boqueria Market is arguably the biggest and most authentic food market in Spain and perhaps in Europe and definitely a true cultural experience for the mouth, nose and eyes.

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