Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona Spain……..or Catalonia?

As you may already have heard through ample media coverage, Catalonia and specifically Barcelona are going through discussions with central government of Spain in Madrid regarding the desired independence of Catalonia by about half of the population of Catalonia.

How does this affect you?

We are  happy to inform you that after after the referendum on October 1 that has been organised by the Catalan Generalitat was held, the situation in Barcelona has returned to normal . Therefore, the political situation should not affect you in any way and you are once again able to appreciate and visit the many wondrous attractions this incredible city has to offer.

Here at Hotel Ginebra our position regarding a possible independence of Catalunya remains neutral. We are happy to be fortunate enough to run a hotel in Plaza Catalunya, the central square of Barcelona, (currently in Spain).


What can you do?

Barcelona is currently the third most popular tourist destination in Europe and understandably so. There is something here for everyone: the Barceloneta beach, the wonderful old town centre, originally constructed by the Romans more than 2000 years ago.

Furthermore, there is the miracles of Gaudi, the world-famous Barcelona architect, designer and furniture maker whose work has transformed the city, such as La Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo, Park Guell  and  La Pedrera.

Or what about the Picasso museum and the FIRA exposition centre where many world-class exhibitions take place?

In short, at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, we continue to concentrate on the job of making our guests happy and to make sure they have a wonderful time here in Barcelona, as always.

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See you soon!

-Hotel Ginebra