An insider look into Hotel Ginebra

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been giving you a lot of information about what to do in Barcelona and near the hotel.

In this blog, we want to give you an insider look of what your stay at Hotel Ginebra might feel like.


We are located in the top left corner of Plaza Catalunya. In order to avoid any confusion watch this video to see how to get to the hotel from the “Aerobus”. Once you are inside the building, take the elevator up to the third floor where a member of staff will greet you.

The check-in process is quick and easy and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. After you have settled in your room, a member of staff will bring you welcome drinks to mark the official start of your celebration in Hotel Ginebra.

Your Room

We provide our guests with different room choices to fit different needs and budgets. One of our guests’ most popular choices is a room with a view.

Luxury choices

If you want a room that is right for a king and/or queen, then our luxury rooms are the choice for you. These rooms include a Jacuzzi and also have a remarkable view.


At hotel Ginebra, we provide our guests with cleaning and drying services for just €8 per bag of clothes. Furthermore, we have large common areas where you can treat yourself to tea, coffee and muffins, all free of charge.


We offer our guests a continental breakfast for €8,90 and €5 for children. This is an all you can eat breakfast, which includes eggs, sausages, beans, fruits, snacks and much more.


Our departure process is also very quick and easy. Our checkout time is at 11:30am, so all you have to do is give in your room keys before then and that’s it. If you have a late flight, you are able to leave your bags in the hotel´s storage rooms while you continue exploring the city. Upon departure, you also receive a keychain from the hotel to remember your experience in Barcelona.

And Remember

Insert your discount code PROMO2017, and your price will automatically discounted at least 7.5%

-Hotel Ginebra