About the Birds and Barcelona

It is time to face reality…

Summer is over.

The trees are on the verge of turning yellow, and the birds are flying south. Where exactly in the south are the birds fly to you may ask?
Well of course, they fly to Barcelona! The sun is still out, and the fun is still around!

Over the years, many travellers learned to adapt their travels to where the weather is the best.   In this case coming to Barcelona is giving them the opportunity to extend their summer a couple days (or weeks) more. Barcelona perhaps has the best climate of any city in Europe if you like warm weather.
Not too hot in the summer, never really cold in winter.

What does this mean?
This means hotels are starting to fill up again quickly for the autumn months, and the opportunity to stay in Barcelona is diminishing as every second passes!

What can you do?
Easy…… you already know the answer to this question. Book  your flight now , and secure your stay at Hotel Ginebra before all rooms are sold out!

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Come and fly to Barcelona like the birds do and pass your autumn and winter in the third most popular tourist destination of Europe!.

Sunny Barcelona is waiting for you.

-Hotel Ginebra