Plaça Reial, ”the royal plaza”

Plaça Reial (In Castellano Plaza Real, meaning “Royal Plaza”) is a square in the Barri Gòtic, situated next to La Rambla. Around 19th century designed by Francesc Molina this Plaça was imagined to be one of the most luxurious with the purpose of exalting the monarchy. But, Gaudi also had his impact in the construction of Plaça. Namely, the laterns on Plaça were designed by Antoni himself.

Nowdays, it is very popular tourist attraction/destination especially during nights because it is filled with bars, restaurants and the most visited clubs here in Barcelona.

The fountain with its statue in the center of the square represents three Graces. On both sides of the fountain there are two lampposts also made by Antoni Gaudí, which are culminated by a winged helmet and a dragon. The surrounding palm trees give the plaça a cozy Mediterranean atmosphere.

Also, it is very popular outdoor venue where lots of concerts, celebrations and gatherings are being held.

Enjoy your stay in Barcelona and don’t forget when booking with us on our site, use your code PROMO2017 for a 7,50 euro discount!

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Unrealized idea: Park Güell

Firstly imagined as an estate for high-quality homes and well-off families this property became a public park popular amongst both tourists and local people. Good friends Antoni Gaudi and Eusebi Güell started with enthusiasm in the beginning of 1900 but managed to build only two of the sixty houses.


Gaudí respected the vegetation that was already growing on the property and also developed various systems for collecting and storing water. In 1926 the park was opened to the public and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

You can visit most of the sites free of charge while the porter’s lodging pavilions, the Hypostyle Room and the Greek Theatre or Nature Square (the main terrace of the park with the best view over Barcelona) cost only 7 euros.

You can explore the park on your own or you can take a guided tour and find out the many secrets that the history of this park is hiding.

From Hotel Ginebra ( the easiest way to arrive to the park is by taking bus number 24.  the bus stop is directly in front of El Corte Ingles, the famouse warehouse we have written about in a previous blogs article . (

Also, don’t forget to use your promo code PROMO2017 for a 7,50 euro discount.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the park!



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El Corte Ingles – shopping paradise near Hotel Ginebra

So far we have informed you about important tourist sites in the direct vicinity of Hotel Ginebra. Today we would like to make an exception and talk about something perhaps equally important, where to go shopping!

Our guests often present themselves at the hotel recepcion with the question “where can i buy……..??”

And our reply is 99.99% of the time “At El Corte Ingles!”

For those of you not familiar with the name, “El Corte Ingles” is the largest warehouse chain of Spain and Portugal and they sell pretty much everything, useful, from stamps to airplane parts.
Well actually they don’t sell either of those, but otherwise it is hard to imagine something you can not purchase here.

Since Plaza Catalunya, the square that Hotel GInebra is situated on, is the most central location of Barcelona, there is not one, not two, but three different “El Corte Ingles” nearby.  Two directly on the square and one in “Puerta dell’Angel” , a famous shopping street and entrance into the old city, which runs directly off Plaza Catalunya.


The largest one offers a huge delicatessen supermarket on the lower level and a restaurtant on the 8th floor with magnificant views of Barcelona.

(the view from one of our rooms)

All in all another fantastic reason to choose Hotel GInebra for your stay in Barcelona! We wish you happy shopping!


PS. It is now possible to pay for your stay in ADA cryptocurrency! Please read all about this exiting new development in our other articles

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Plaza de España

Plaza de España is one of the most emblematic areas of the catalan city of Barcelona, full of tourists and locals alike, each  enjoying the various activities that the area offers.

From here you can take just a short walk to Montjüic castle, an ancient military base converted into an observatory. From this grand structure you will be able to take in the amazing view of the city below.

Feel like doing some shopping? Then visit the Arenas commercial centre, a bullfighting ring that has been converted into a sprawling mall.


If you are so inclined you may visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia or participate in other events organized by the barcelona trade fair, which includes more than 120 conventions and corporate events year round.

For additional information on your visit you can visit the following sites.

When booking with us on our site, remember to use the code PROMO2017 for a 7,50 euro discount.

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ADA Coin as Payment – What do you need to know??

Last week Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona announced to the global  cryptocurrency comunity that we are now acceptingthe  Cardano ADA cryptocurrency as a form of payment.  This makes Hotel Ginebra perhaps the first business in the world to do so!

So what is ADA? Ada is a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer payment.

In other words, to pay for your stay at the hotel, no middle-man is required. No Visa or American Express or PayPal , just to name a few, with their centralised way of operating.  By accepting ADA as payment, accommodations worldwide  will be able to save on  large amounts of commissions which will eventually result in better rates for you, the customer.

How does it work?  You can send  payment of the room directly from your computer to our computer, or rather from your digital wallet to our digital wallet, called Daedalus.  (easy download here: )

To be able to do so, first you need to have converted your-day-to day currency into ADA.  Although in Japan  there are already  machines where it is possible to withdraw ADA, if you do not live in Japan  you have to first buy bitcoin on a platform like Local Bitcoins . Then convert bitcoin into ADA on a crypto-currency exchange, like Bittrex.

At the moment the procedure to get started is still a bit long, but soon the entire process will become a lot more streamlined. And what would life be without interesting new challenges?!

Once you have purchased your ADA, you need to keep them in a safe place. This will be your personalised Daedalus wallet.

At the moment the download is only possible onto your pc or laptop but the Cardano team under supervision of IOHK in Hong Kong  is already working on a mobile phone application (and many other interesting new features!)

So how do you make a reservation at Hotel Ginebra by using ADA as payment? Again, we are working at optimising the whole process,  but for the moment the procedure is as follows:

Search for availability on our website

You will see a search result similar to this (click to enlarge please):

Now choose the type of room and the date, and send us an email. Include the rate of the room that you have found in your email!

In our response we will confirm the rate of the room with you, converted into ADA. Then we will block the room for you and provide you with the address of our digital wallet. This may sound complicated but it is actually very easy.

We advise you to download Daedalus and to have a look around. You will see SEND and RECEIVE buttons. With a simple click on a button, the wallet will create a digital address where you can receive ADA.  Now you can both send and receive payments with ADA!

That is it.  From the moment we block the room for you, you will have 12 hours to send us payment in ADA.   As soon as we receive payment, we will send you and email with final  confirmation of your reservation and we will then see you in Barcelona!

If you have any more questions about Hotel Ginebra or ADA coin, please send us an email to [email protected]



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Launch of ADA – Timeline

Our previous article was about the introduction of ADA, the third generation crypto coin, as payment for your stay in Hotel Ginebra.

Immediately we have received many inquieries and also our tweet has been re-tweeted many times, clearly showing great public interest in this initiative.

Currently the payment platform to pay with ADA (named after the brilliant   mathematician Ada Lovelace,  ( )  is under development.

We are doing our best to launch our platform some time in December 2017.  Obviously the system needs to be tested and deemed reliable and safe.

Here at Hotel Ginebra we are as enthusiastic as you are, so we promise you that the project is going ahead full speed.

We will post updates regularly and also tweet our progress.

Thank you very much for your kind interest and enthusiasm, and see you soon at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona with ADA.





現在、ADAで支払う支払いプラットフォーム(華麗な数学者、Ada Lovelace(の名前が付けられています)が開発中です。




あなたのご好意と熱意に感謝し、バルセロナのHotel GinebraですぐにADAでお会いしましょう。


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Hotel Ginebra Barcelona – Pay for your stay in ADA Cryptocurrency

NOTE: We are currently accepting reservations using Cardano ADA!
Due to the enormous success of our Cardano ADA payments announcement, some customers asked us when we’d start accepting ADA after this post was published. The answer is: right now! But, for the time being, we do not yet have a integrated Cardano ADA booking system.To book a reservation using Cardano ADA, please verify availability using our Book Now form, then click here to email us. Please include dates and the type of room found via the availability search. We will email you further instructions.

Soon our booking system will be fully integrated with Cardano ADA!


Hello from sunny Barcelona, the city with the best climate in Europe!

At Hotel Ginebra we like to keep updated on the latest trends and novelties.

What is always interesting to us and to hotels in general is not only the source of the reservation (the hotel’s own website, or OTA’s like, Expedia, Agoda and others) but also the way the reservation is processed.

This process has changed dramatically over the years and it looks as if a major new innovation is about to conquer the market space: payments in cryptocurrencies.

For those of you who have never heard of cryptocurrency, you may have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital form of transferring payments which is not issued by a central bank, but rather by a global community

For more information on the topic of cryptocurrencies please visit News,  or the Coin Telegraph, two of our favorite news sources in crypto!

Although Bitcoin functions extremely well and it’s value on the cryptocurrency exchanges keeps rising at an incredible pace – and adoption on Wall Street is around the corner – we have decided to build our new cryptocurrency payment system around another coin, namely ADA.

ADA is the end result of a larger project called Cardano which amongst others is designed to offer new payment options to the three billion people on our planet that are unbanked.

The Cardano project was conceived in Japan and is now  under development by  technological company IOHK based in Hong Kong.

The project of creating our new payment system for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the other hand has been outsourced to our in-house programmer who resides in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Hotel Ginebra is a nice example of how even a relatively small business can go global!

We expect to start testing our ADA payment-system by the end of November and launch is expected around the new year.

For any more information on this exciting new development and on ADA coin in general please leave your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Sagrada Familia

How can you visit Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia?

Master piece of Antoni Gaudi, it’s construction began in 1882 and is continuing to this day. It is the most visited monument of Spain: 125 meters of neo-gothic architecture that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Living only 300 meters away from the Sagrada Familia i was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the view everyday, and i still haven’t grown bored of it.

If you plan on visiting it is advisable that you book tickets in advance as there are a lot of people who wish to visit.

You may book your reservation at and remember to use the code PROMO2017 for a 7,50 euro discount.

For transportation you can take the L4 metro line from either Plaza Urquinaona or Passeig de gracia. For more information you can visit

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Magnificent Palau de la Música Catalana

Before visiting this place i was rather sceptical, i had no idea what to expect. The photos which i took of this venue do it no justice, as it is located in an intersection occupied by a large building in the Art Nouveu style, making it very difficult to take photos of the palace.


Built between 1905 and 1908 the Palau de la Musica is located in the Ribera district on the Sant Pere Mes Alt road and is only 10 minutes away from our hotel (








This musical hall consists of the Auditorium, el Petit Palau, la Sala d’Assaig de l’Orfeó Català, la Sala Lluís Millet and the Foyer. Each of these halls offers a wide variety of activities and have hosted concerts and symphonies from some of the world’s best musicians.

If you wish to enjoy some great music in a fantastic ambience, or if you just wish to take a guided tour and learn about catalan architecture you can book whichever activity you prefer with us at hotel ginebra ( and you can use code PROMO2017 for a 7,50 euro discount.

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Plaza de la Universidad

One of my favourite places in the city is Plaza de la Universidad.

i do not know if it is the skaters pulling off all their crazy tricks or the little cafes surrounding the area.

One thing is certain though, this place has certainly become a popular meeting spot.

The plaza is situated between the Eixample and the Ciutat Vella districts, just a quick 5 minutes walk away from our hotel.









Furthermore, Plaza Universitat is one of the prime locations for young people to gather in town and it is also a promenade which offers a pedestrian area.
The University of Barcelona offers a guided tour of the most symbolic spaces because of it’s rich architecture and heritage.
So if you want to absorb the sun’s rays and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that Plaza respires, book your stay at Hotel Ginebra on this website ( and don’t forget to put your discount code PROMO2017.

Your price will be discounted 7,5%


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