Mobile World Congress 2019 Barcelona

For who is coming for The GSMA, Mobile World Congress of the next year (2019), this is the article that you were looking for!

From now, what we surely know is the next appointment for the GSMA: from the 25th until  the 28th of February 2019.

But let’s see what the GSMA is….

First of all, The Mobile World Congress is not only an exhibition for the mobile industry but it represents new technologies, devices, mobile operators from all over the world: here customers and sellers can meet, talk, exchange ideas and opinions, sign contracts and more!

Since 2011, Barcelona has been hosting the event, and will continue to do so until 2023.

For the 2018 edition, from the 26th of February to the 1st of March, the exhibition was hosted in two big pavillions, but in different locations:

  • 1)    Flra Gan Via, Av. Joan Carles I, 64, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
  • 2)   Flra Monjuic, Avda. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n 08004, Barcelona

You can easily reach the two locations by use of the excellent public transportation of Barcelona:

Here below you can find the Google Maps’ directions for both pavillions:

Probabily the 2019 edition will be in the same place but stay turned on our website for updates on the Mobile World Congress 2019 !!



Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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Apple Store

Do you need  Apple support for your electronic devices? Or were you just wondering what  the last model of IPhone looks like?

The biggest Apple Store of Barcelona is situated on another corner of the same square as where you can find Hotel Ginebra, Plaza Catalunya, the central square of Barcelona.

When you exit the hotel all you have to do is go straight across to the next corner of the square and Passeig De Gracia, the most elegant shopping street of Barcelona, a one minute walk.

Plaça Catalunya

On the picture below you an see the entrance of Apple Store. It is a huge and very inviting space which  allows you to look around and try their devices,  which are exposed in two different levels of the shop.

Passeig de Gràcia, 1

You can find the whole collection of Apple items: they are on  display but you can also try them out.

You can have your devices repaired in the shop if any problem occurs during your stay. In addition you can try the sound quality of the Iphone thanks to the collaboration with Beats by Dr.Dre, for sale in this shop as well.

IphoneSE, headphones by Dr.Dre, IMusic card

If you need internet connection, the Apple Store is open for anyone who needs to surf the net… For free!

Free internet connection for everybody!
Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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Port Vell and Maremagnum

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you some pictures about Palau de Mar and Museo de Historia de Cataluña: if you want to learn more about the history of Cataluña, this is the place that are you looking for! From the prehistory until the XX century you can profoundly understand all the economical, political and social trasformation of this territory.

Palau de Mar and Museo de Historia de Cataluña

During your visit you also enjoy free access to the seventh floor, where  a lounge bar and a restaurant are located. From this location you can overlook the landscape of the Port of Barcelona and the Montjuic mountain.

Palau de Mar

When you exit the Palau de Mar’s  and you  keep walking along street, Moll the Disposit, you will bump into the Port Vell: here you find a display of luxury and also little and unique boats.

Port Vell

When you continue down this  street you will arrive to the newest bridge,  which brings you to the Mare Magnum shopping mall. Restaurants, bars, clothes shops and parfume shops: there is a huge variety of choise!



Restaurants and bars





This shopping mall is the only one in Barcelona that has got the permission to be open for the entire year in a really central zone of Barcelona. Other malls have the obligation to close a certain number of days each month.

Shopping mall inside view








Big glass ceilings  make the atmosphere warmer and also the windows on the sides allow you to admire to the beauty of the sea. You can do your shopping in this mall in a feeling of openess and a sense of freedom, contrary to the dreary feeling that many other indoor malls tend to invoke. On the last floor, the third one, you will be able to benefit from a big  open terrace with bars and restaurants while in the floors above you can find cheaper restaurants and bars like McDonalds, Starbucks, Pans&Company….

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the parts of Barcelona that we recommended !!

Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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Barcelona by night

In my opinion no hotel in Barcelona offers any thing so spectacular than the beautiful view from the balconies of our hotel. Ancient buildings, busy crowds  and vibrant city scenes make the view of the most popular square of Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya, a unique and real painting.

View of Plaça Catalunya

From “,+Rambla+de+Catalu%C3%B1a,+Barcelona/Museo+de+Historia+de+Catalu%C3%B1a,+Palau+de+Mar,+Pla%C3%A7a+de+Pau+Vila,+3,+08003+Barcelona/@41.3840349,2.1726524,16z/data=!3m2!4b1!5s0x12a4a300771f019f:0xcd855bc18410175c!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x12a4a2f3c0a54e8b:0x6611b1b06fcac60d!2m2!1d2.1680336!2d41.387445!1m5!1m1!1s0x12a4a3006fc13705:0xd7ba34de9be3e82b!2m2!1d2.186015!2d41.380715!3e2

I took amazing pictures while the sun was going down: the main ground is filled by the shapes of sails and the background seems to be on fire thanks to the hot colours of the burning sun.

Sunset from Palau de Mar

Then I walked to the modern bridge (Rambla de Mar), reaching Mare Magnum (have a look to the specific article:

From here I looked towards Montjuic and the reflection of the street lights mirrored in the sea.

It was a real romantic moment and the clouds made the athmosphere more involving!

I would reccomend to visit these places around sunsets. I am sure that I will remember this experience in Barcelona forever.

Sunset from MareMagnum


Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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ADA CARDANO – The New Bitcoin?

  •  As mentioned in previous blog articles Hotel Ginebra has quickly become  famous in the cryptocurrency world for accepting ADA as a form of payment as the first business in the world.  That compares perhaps with being the first business that ever accepted payment by credit card in the world, so obviously we are very pleased to be the first!

For those of you who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, the most famous “coin” is called Bitcoin. Now around for nearly a decade, Bitcoin was designed to faciliate peer to peer payment without having to rely on the services of a third party middleman such as a bank or a credit card company for example.

But as much as Bitcoin was revolutionary, it was also quite rudimentary.  Meanwhile many years have passed and there are other cryptocurrencies that can do the same as Bitcoin, but do it better, faster and offer other completely new features as well.

Here at Hotel Ginebra we are always interested in new tecnologies, especially when they seem to offer new exciting scenarios in the hotel industry.

As mentioned, after due eloborate investigation we have chosen ADA as the cryptocurrency to accept payments with. So…is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The answer is yes……….and no.

Because yes, just like Bitcoin also ADA can transfer value (money) by means of an encrypted message between people without the help of a middleman.

But no, because ADA can do a lot more then just that.  It would go to far to explain all it’s features and capabilities here but if you are curious please visit, the website of the Cardano Foundation, or, the website of the company that is in charge of the tecnical development of the project and finally the Emurgo website 

We have been fortunate enough to meet up with the core team of Cardano in Lisbon recently who have explained us where the development is going.

To stay updated please visit .

One thing is for sure: there are exciting times ahead of us in the cryptocurrency industry with Cardano as one of the main players and Hotel Ginebra intends to be part of that upcoming revolution.

We hope to be able to bring you some exciting news soonabout a more improved way to pay for your stay at Hotel Ginebra with ADA.

To download the ADA Daedalus wallet (to make payments or receive payments with ADA), click here:









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Food in Barcelona, another good reason for a visit!

For those of you  interested in “tasting” Barcelona , this article will talk about our typical Spanish (and Catalan) food.

First of all, you should try TAPAS: For example, if you are a group of four, take five/six tapas. Essentially those are little typical spanish dishes that have to be shared: everyone can try different recepies and your lunch or dinner turns in a warm and happy moment of reunion !


Later on, specifically, the most known tapas is “Patatas Bravas”: basically fried potatoes with a spycy kind of sauce. Really delicious!!

Patatas Bravas

As you can see, I usually combine spanish food with a glass of wine (“vino tinto”, red wine or “vino blanco” , white wine); you can also ask for a local “Cerveza”, the beer.

As you can see from our pictures, usually tapas are: either little portions of fried pasta with tomatoes, tuna, or fried potatoes with the famous Jamón Ibérico and fried eggs.

Tapas with Jamon Iberico








Inevitably during your stay here in Barcelona you are going to taste the “Tortillas de patatas”, a hot and soft omelet with potatoes. Simply delicious and easy to reproduce at home!!!!

Tortillas de patatas

If you are not sure about what to drink when you are on a night out in Barcelona, try a fresh Mojito or a light and frothy Piña colada!

Barcelona has had a big influx over people from South- and Latin America over the years and there has been a great cultural exchange. In Barcelona you really find the best of both worlds!

Cocktails (Mojito, Piña colada)

Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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Estación de Francia – Railway station of Barcelona

Would you like to have more information about public transport here in Barcelona?

Today, in this article, we will talk about one of the the train stations: Estación de Francia, located in the Avenue del Marquès de l’Argentera.

As soon you enter the train station, you will see on your right side the “caffetteria”, an old-style bar, quiet place to relax and take a drink or something to eat before catching your train. The very stylish design might be more suited to a museum than a hotel, but this is typical of Barcelona…beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.









For every type of information about trains and services offered, please have a look at the official website:

Train platforms

The Estación de Francia is situated in the heart of Barcelona, in the ancient part of the town called  “Ciutat Vella” (the old city). From here you are directly  connected to “La Barceloneta”, an old part of town that runs along the seaside and after which the artificial beach of Barcelona is named that was created in occasion of the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992.

(See the specific article here: )

From the right part to the entrance/exit of the station you will find the Park de la Ciudadela, the biggest park in the whole city.  Here you can certainly enjoy the hot weather while having a walk or admiring the beautiful buildings inside the park. At the end of the park you will find the Zoo of Barcelona.

(Have a look at the must-see buildings and attraction in our specific article: ‎)

Eventually, next to “La Barceloneta” you will find “Villa Olimpica del Poblenou”, now a fancy and rich quarter which was originally constructed as the residence that hosted the competing athletes during the Olympic Games’  1992.

Finally it is worth mentioning that there are two more stations in Barcelona, the Sants station for long distance travel, and the Renfe Station at Plaza Catalunya which is mainly for travel within the borders of Catalunya.

Hotel Ginebra wishes you a happy journey!!!


Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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The amazing Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona

Do you think that Barcelona’s Arc de Triomphe is the same as the one in Paris? Or as the one in Milan? It isn’t!

Arc de Triomph

The Arc, situated in the intersection between Passeig de Lluìs Companys and Passeig de Sant Joan, was built for the Great Exhibition in Barcelona in 1888, as a figurative enourmous gate for the whole Exhibition. Therefore the government’s aim was to celebrate the human artistic, scientific and economic progress instead of the military victories as the Arc of Peace in Milan, or the Arc the Triomphe in Paris.

Arc de Triomph’s details

I loved looking at the delicate details of the Arc, for example  all the 49 spanish province’s shields on top.

Walk in the boulevard

I took a walk from the boulevard that goes from the Arc de Triomphe to one of the entrances of the Citadel Park.

From here you can go directly to the Citadel Park: read our specific article —>

Almost at the end of the street there was this nice coloured map painted on the floor, showing the tangled streets of the ancient part of Barcelona. Everybody wants to take a picture “on Barcelona”!

Barcelona’s map

The boulevard ends with this atonishing marble, just before entering the Ciutadel Park.

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Estatua de Francesc Rius i Taulet

Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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Are you a chocolate-addict? Have you ever thought about the real taste of  chocolate?

In the “Museu de la xocolata”, the Chocolate Museum, situated in the street Carrer del Comerç, 36, Barcelona, you can make a sweet and long tour that makes you more aware about the history of the chocolate in Europe until now.

This is the main entrance:

Museum entrance
Internal door







One ticket costs €6, if you are a group (+15 people) €5. There are special discounts too:

  > Disability Card: 15%
  > Students (with acreditation): 15%
  > Seniors (with ID): 15%

And it is for free for children under 7 years,  ICOM members and BCN cardholders.

For more details, visit the official website:

At the end of the tour you will be welcomed at the museum shop, full of every type of items: cups, t-shirts, chocolate with different types of shapes and aromas…

Chocolate articles






You can have access to this shop even if you will not enter  the museum  itself because this place is a caffetteria too!

Locals of Barcelona usally goes to have a cup of hot chocolate, to have a rest, and to enjoy the warm atmosphere.

Chocolates with different flavours







In addition the museum organizes particular activities for families, kids, and teenagers. For example the sensory activities for small kids are really simple but it helps them to distinguish different flavours. Instead bigger children can see the manufacturing process and thevarious ingredients of chocolate and….learn the basic techniques for handling chocolate!!!

Chocolat bear

Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra

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If you have ever been in Barcelona, you will certainly know about the famous and international spanish clothing brands. You can find these shops just in front of the Hotel Ginebra, in Plaça Catalunya, and in the main streets such as:

  • La Rambla
  • Passeig de Gracia

European and world capitals like Rome, London, Paris, Stockholm, and others cities host them in the most crowded street.

But which shops are we talking about?

Main entrance of H&M – Passeig de Gracia


Hennes & Mauritz, or better known as H&M, is a low cost and fashion brand for female, male and kids as well. It is a great shop if you want to combine fashion and a limited budget.

H&M’s shoes


Since 1975 Zara, one of the most influencial Spanish  brands, is conquering everyone.

Zara – Passeig de Gracia 16

From clothes and accessories for kids, to the female world (accessories, clothing for work, party, casual, sport), from formal wear for men to  accessories for the home. In particular now, in the period just before and after Christmas, Zara shows it’s best ideas for this important day:  a Christmas table set, Christmas bodysuits for kids, items for the bathroom to the livingroom and moreover! Zara has everything. It is a little bit more expensive than the brand mentioned before but the price-quality is a guarantee.

ZARA’s building


“La vida es chula” – “The life is beautiful”

This is the Desigual motto, the fashion house based in Barcelona with several stores all over the world (72 countries!). You can immediatly recognize this brand for its colours and particular patterns. One of those is situatd just in front of the Hotel Ginebra!!!.

Plaça de Catalunya, 9

This brand offers a medium-high price level but the quality is excellent.

If you want to combine lively colours and different fantasy, it is the right place for you.

Desigual’s clothes

There are Desigual shops all over Barcelona but if you would like to see it’s glass headquarters too, I will advise you to go to Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 15 in Barcelona, just 22 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya.

If you don’t want to walk, you can use public transportation: the bus you need to take is the V15

(Pl. Catalunya – Portal de l’ÀngeL—–> 7 stops ——> Pg Joan de Borbó – Pl. del Mar ).

Desigual in Plaça de Catalunya 9

Valeria – Hotel Ginebra

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