Food in Barcelona, another good reason for a visit!

For those of you  interested in “tasting” Barcelona , this article will talk about our typical Spanish (and Catalan) food.

First of all, you should try TAPAS: For example, if you are a group of four, take five/six tapas. Essentially those are little typical spanish dishes that have to be shared: everyone can try different recepies and your lunch or dinner turns in a warm and happy moment of reunion !


Later on, specifically, the most known tapas is “Patatas Bravas”: basically fried potatoes with a spycy kind of sauce. Really delicious!!

Patatas Bravas

As you can see, I usually combine spanish food with a glass of wine (“vino tinto”, red wine or “vino blanco” , white wine); you can also ask for a local “Cerveza”, the beer.

As you can see from our pictures, usually tapas are: either little portions of fried pasta with tomatoes, tuna, or fried potatoes with the famous Jamón Ibérico and fried eggs.

Tapas with Jamon Iberico








Inevitably during your stay here in Barcelona you are going to taste the “Tortillas de patatas”, a hot and soft omelet with potatoes. Simply delicious and easy to reproduce at home!!!!

Tortillas de patatas

If you are not sure about what to drink when you are on a night out in Barcelona, try a fresh Mojito or a light and frothy Piña colada!

Barcelona has had a big influx over people from South- and Latin America over the years and there has been a great cultural exchange. In Barcelona you really find the best of both worlds!

Cocktails (Mojito, Piña colada)

Valeria Puca – Hotel Ginebra