Port Vell and Maremagnum

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you some pictures about Palau de Mar and Museo de Historia de Cataluña: if you want to learn more about the history of Cataluña, this is the place that are you looking for! From the prehistory until the XX century you can profoundly understand all the economical, political and social trasformation of this territory.

Palau de Mar and Museo de Historia de Cataluña

During your visit you also enjoy free access to the seventh floor, where  a lounge bar and a restaurant are located. From this location you can overlook the landscape of the Port of Barcelona and the Montjuic mountain.

Palau de Mar

When you exit the Palau de Mar’s  and you  keep walking along street, Moll the Disposit, you will bump into the Port Vell: here you find a display of luxury and also little and unique boats.

Port Vell

When you continue down this  street you will arrive to the newest bridge,  which brings you to the Mare Magnum shopping mall. Restaurants, bars, clothes shops and parfume shops: there is a huge variety of choise!



Restaurants and bars





This shopping mall is the only one in Barcelona that has got the permission to be open for the entire year in a really central zone of Barcelona. Other malls have the obligation to close a certain number of days each month.

Shopping mall inside view








Big glass ceilings  make the atmosphere warmer and also the windows on the sides allow you to admire to the beauty of the sea. You can do your shopping in this mall in a feeling of openess and a sense of freedom, contrary to the dreary feeling that many other indoor malls tend to invoke. On the last floor, the third one, you will be able to benefit from a big  open terrace with bars and restaurants while in the floors above you can find cheaper restaurants and bars like McDonalds, Starbucks, Pans&Company….

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the parts of Barcelona that we recommended !!

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