Estación de Francia – Railway station of Barcelona

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Today, in this article, we will talk about one of the the train stations: Estación de Francia, located in the Avenue del Marquès de l’Argentera.

As soon you enter the train station, you will see on your right side the “caffetteria”, an old-style bar, quiet place to relax and take a drink or something to eat before catching your train. The very stylish design might be more suited to a museum than a hotel, but this is typical of Barcelona…beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.









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Train platforms

The Estación de Francia is situated in the heart of Barcelona, in the ancient part of the town called  “Ciutat Vella” (the old city). From here you are directly  connected to “La Barceloneta”, an old part of town that runs along the seaside and after which the artificial beach of Barcelona is named that was created in occasion of the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992.

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From the right part to the entrance/exit of the station you will find the Park de la Ciudadela, the biggest park in the whole city.  Here you can certainly enjoy the hot weather while having a walk or admiring the beautiful buildings inside the park. At the end of the park you will find the Zoo of Barcelona.

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Eventually, next to “La Barceloneta” you will find “Villa Olimpica del Poblenou”, now a fancy and rich quarter which was originally constructed as the residence that hosted the competing athletes during the Olympic Games’  1992.

Finally it is worth mentioning that there are two more stations in Barcelona, the Sants station for long distance travel, and the Renfe Station at Plaza Catalunya which is mainly for travel within the borders of Catalunya.

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