Citadel Park

Good morning from the “Citadel Park”, the biggest park in Barcelona’s city center!

From the Arc de Triomphe I walked straight on the big boulevard until one of the ten entrances of the park. The first thing that I saw was this big fountain on my right side with these nice chameleons. Just in front of the fountain there is this huge greenhouse with a big plant variety.

Jardins Fontserè i Mestre


Initially the park was constructed by decision of Felipe V , in the 1714, in order to build a fortification for their army. At a later time, for the Great Exposition on the 1888, the park was entrusted to the town planner Josep Fonteseré, who with the collaboration of the little Antoni Gaudí,  created an astonishing park.

The park has a free access and it is open from 8:00 to 20:00 (October-March) and from 8:00 to 21:00 (April-September).

A caption of a ordinary sunny afternoon

Visitors of the park usually go for a run, have a pic-nic or just a walk with the family. It was really nice see how many kids can enjoy this safe park under the hot sun of Barcelona!


I would advice to the tourists to rent a bike if you are in Barcelona for a short period of time: the good weather and the little incline of the street let you visit everything faster in a eco-friendly way. Everywhere in the city you can find cheap red bikes.

Some tourists use segways too, with a personal guide. Open the link above if you need further information:


Walking in the park you will certainly notice the famous Parliament, a huge historical palace.

Catalonia’s Parliament

Another interesting sculpture inside the park is the enormous rock mammoth 3.5m long and 5.5m wide. The first time I saw it I felt so small in front of this prehistoric giant! It is a must-see attraction for everybody!


The last important attraction in the park,  is the wine-stone fountain: it is a huge construction made of an Arc de Triomphe with two canopies in the both sides. Some of the decorations were designed by Antonio Gaudì, who helped Josep Fonteseré in the fountain’s fulfillment. The fountain’s theme is the birth of  Venere’s birth and the most famous sculpture is situated on the highest point of the monument, Cuádriga de la Aurora.


I will recommend  the last attraction of the park, although you have to pay for the entrance: the big Barcelona Zoo.

Here below you can find the link of Zoo Barcelona’s official page if you desire to book tickets in advance:

Zoo de Barcelona

Valeria – Hotel Ginebra